Solution for Dry Fly-Away Hair

I have unruly hair that tends to frizz, and required much conditioner to tame. A friend told me of a TV expert that explained most shampoos have harsh ingredients that worsen the problem. He said if you have frizzy, dry or fly-away hair avoid any shampoos with sodium laureth sulfate or ammonium lauryl sulfate (or similar word combinations). These tend to strip away natural hair oil.

Well, about 99% of shampoos have these ingredients. After shopping exhaustively I found one brand that didn’t have them, and it was pricey. It seemed to help a little, though if I “repeated” it had about the same effect as regular shampoo. It also smelled bad.

When I ran out of this stuff, I was unable to find that shampoo again. So until I found more of this special shampoo, I just started washing my hair with less shampoo and less frequently, to about twice a week. Other days when I shower I just wet it. This seemed to work as well. When using regular shampoo, I use a very small amount, never repeat, and concentrate in the scalp area.

I’ve been doing this for about a year or so and my hair has generally become more manageable. I also need way less conditioner.