19 Situations That Are Always Awkward or Embarrassing for No Real Reason

big_big_simp via TikTok

If you have ever been going about your day to day life doing something completely normal and all at one you feel really awkward or even embarrassed when there is really no reason to feel that way, you are about to feel very seen.

There are certain situations that are awkward, and we all experience them. Nobody really talks about it, but when someone points out these awkward moments, you’ll probably feel yourself agreeing that you feel awkward when these things happen too.

A TikTok user who goes by @big_big_simp posted a video where she shared several examples of situations where she feels very awkward, and many, many people have commented on her video that they can definitely relate to social anxiety in these situations. They have even added additional examples, and we find ourselves thinking “same!”

Scroll down for 19 examples of situations many people find awkward or embarrassing for no real reason.

  1. Sneezing in Class

  2. Walking Back After You’ve Finished Bowling

  3. Finding Your Seat in a Movie Theater

  4. Getting out of the Swimming Pool

  5. Crossing the Street When There’s a Car Waiting for You

    Screen Shot 2021-08-04 at 12.26.01 PM

  6. Checking the Mail but There Isn’t Any Mail

  7. When You’re Backing Your Car Out and Someone Is Waiting for Your Spot

  8. Walking Out of a Store and Not Buying Anything

  9. Pretending to Need Something Else at the Grocery Store Until Someone Moves Out of the Way So You Can Get What You Really Want

  10. When Everyone Sings “Happy Birthday” to You and You Just Sit There

  11. Saying Goodbye to Someone and Then Walking the Same Direction

    girls walking

  12. Walking to the Car from the House When Someone Picks You Up

  13. Walking Up The Stairs When Someone Is Behind You

  14. When You Chair Moves and Makes a Fart Noise

  15. Getting Up to Go to the Bathroom at a Restaurant

  16. Someone Holding the Door Open for You but You’re Far from the Door

  17. Pushing a Squeaky Grocery Cart

  18. Standing In an Elevator with a Bunch of People and Everyone Is Silent

  19. Finding Somewhere to Sit on a Crowded Beach