Simon Beck Decorating The Alps With Beautiful Images By Running In Snowshoes Across Untouched Snow

@Rainmaker1973 via Twitter, Peter Stevens via Flickr

When you think about the idea of art and snow, perhaps you think of things like making a sculpture out of snow, such as a snow man or a even making a snow angel as a child. Perhaps you think of a similar type of art, like an ice sculpture. What Simon Beck is doing is completely different. His art is so simple yet so complex, and he’s the only person in the world creating art like this.

When Beck sees freshly fallen snow that is untouched by cars, shovels or footsteps, he sees his version of an empty canvas. What he creates on that canvas is quite remarkable.

Beck’s life as an artist started by accident. He was skiing one day, and he decided to walk through the snow to make a design. Later, while on the ski lift, he saw the design from above and was so amazed by how good it looked that he decided to he would create art in the snow again.

With snowshoes on his feet and sometimes a ski pole in his hand, Beck creates remarkable pictures in the snow. Many of his designs are geometric in nature. Sometimes they’re 3D. Sometimes they are objects.

Beck’s work has spanned the globe. He used to work creating maps, but now, snow art is his full time job. If you want an incredible design in the snow, he is literally the only person to hire.

Beck’s designs take hours and sometimes days to complete. Sometimes he has to redesign his original idea due to snowfall. Sometimes he is never able to finish his design due to the weather. That doesn’t bother Beck.

In an interview with ABC News, Beck said, “I don’t think I’d do this if it wasn’t going to be destroyed by the forces of nature.”

During the interview, Beck also discussed his career, why he creates snow art and what he likes the most about it. Watch the video below to see Beck in action as he creates snow art inside a stadium and to learn more about this amazing and unusual art form.