17 Shops and Restaurants Who Are Nailing It With Their Mask Signs

While some people understand that face masks can help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and actually want to wear the most effective face mask possible, not everyone feels this way. Some people refuse to wear face masks, and others have found what they consider to be a loophole in the system.

In some cities it is required that everyone wears a face mask in a public space like a store or restaurant, but even in areas where this isn’t law, some stores and restaurants have chosen to make face masks a store policy to protect their employees and their customers.

Some stores have gotten a little witty about the face mask signs they have near their main entrance. They are not only informing customers of their face mask policy, but they are doing it with a sense of humor, and we can all use a laugh when we’re dealing with a pandemic.

Scroll down to see 17 examples of stores and restaurants who have posted some very creative face mask signs.

  1. This sign outside a restaurant from r/pics

  2. All or Nothing! A sign from a local business from r/funny

  3. My local taco place has a sign that says “no face mask, no tacos” from r/mildlyinteresting

  4. Sign at John Boys Mercantile, Alsea, OR. from r/Masks4All

  5. Told to make a mask sign for office door. Took up the quest. WWGD = What Would Gandalf Do from r/funny

  6. I saw this sign today. from r/funny

  7. Hardware store is over it from r/Masks4All