Quick and Easy Way to Set up a Shelter Tarp

We may not like to think about the possibility of a disaster striking, but it’s important that we always have a plan for every situation that COULD occur. This quick survival tip, brought to us by Crazy Russian Hacker, will be showing us how to make an impromptu shelter out of a simple gardening tarp. This shelter can be made in a hurry and uses very few tools, so it’s perfect for when you’re in a pinch. Watch the video below to see how this DIY shelter is made.

To get started, you’ll need a rope (any kind) and a tarp. You can get both at Walmart or any hardware store!

STEP 1: Use two sticks as posts to keep your tarp shelter in place.
STEP 2: Tie your rope across the two poles. Loop the rope and put it through one of the holes along the edge of the tarp. Use a stick to secure the tarp on the rope. Repeat.
STEP 3: Use two more sticks for the back. Stretch the tarp out (so it’s pulled at a 45 degree angle) and use a stick on each side to secure the back into the dirt.

Now you can sleep under your makeshift tent without getting exposed to the elements!

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