Doctors Are Warning Against the Latest ‘Shell on Challenge’ That Has Teens Eating Food Packaging


There’s a lot of good and bad about social media. It’s fun to be able to connect with family and friends and share photos, information and news, but when it comes to teens, parents, watch out.

We think that we have to watch everything our kids do when they’re babies and toddlers. We’d hope that as they grow up they’d at least learn how to do a few simple things on their own, like take the banana peel off the banana before eating it, or open a bag of chips before eating it.

Social media strikes again.

There’s another “challenge” out there and it’s just as bizarre as some of the ones that have come before it. It’s also quite dangerous.

This new challenge currently seems to be contained in the United States. It’s called the “Shell on Challenge” and it’s basically where teens film themselves eating food without taking it out of the packaging.

For example, a teen might eat a banana, peel and all. A teen might bite into a watermelon rind. A teen might eat a packaged food like a cupcake with the plastic or cardboard still wrapped around it.

Teens are doing this purely to impress their friends and people they’ve never met. They’re leaving many other people (us included) scratching their heads wondering why anyone would think this was fun or a good idea.

Then there are doctors who are screaming STOP! While banana peels and watermelon rinds probably aren’t going to harm you (maybe consider washing them first), plastic and cardboard is definitely not meant to be consumed. The chemicals in the plastic (BPA anyone?) can actually be extremely harmful.

If you have teens, make sure you have access to their social media accounts so you can see what they’re posting, and warn them NOT to participate in this crazy new challenge.