She Spent $200K On Plastic Surgery Because She Disliked The Way She Looked

For some people, plastic surgery can become addictive. Tara Jayne McConachy is one of those people. She has spent $200,000 on multiple plastic surgery procedures including six nose jobs, five breast implants, butt implants and additional procedures such as Botox and filler. She’s not done yet.

McConachy grew up in Perth, Western Australia. She moved to Melbourne when she was in her twenties to pursue a career as a nurse. It’s unclear exactly when she had her first plastic surgery procedure, but prior to going under the knife, she was unhappy with the way she looked. Now, she describes herself as a “human Barbie doll.”

McConachy often shares pictures on social media, and she has been on several TV shows including reality shows like “Botched” and talk shows like the Australian morning news show “The Morning Show.” She is rarely seen out in public but was spotted at a restaurant in Melbourne with her mother, Linda, last year.

On the reality show “Botched,” McConachy attempted to convince Drs Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow that she needed bigger breast implants. Her breasts are currently an E-cup size. She told the show’s producers, “Everything is tiny on me except for my tatas… I’m on a quest for a bigger chest!”

She’s not kidding when she says everything but her chest is tiny. McConachy only weighs 99 pounds and has the measurements of a 37-inch bust, 17-inch waist and 29-inch hips.

@tara_jayn3 via Instagram

In the end, McConachy’s request was denied because of her “dangerously low” weight, making her too thin for bigger implants. Dr. Nassif expressed concern about her “overall wellbeing” both physically and mentally.

McConachy isn’t taking no for an answer. She plans to travel oversees to have surgery.

On “The Morning Show,” McConachy defended her plastic surgery choices saying, “In this day and age, it’s very important for a woman to be able to express the way they feel and just express everything about beauty.” She added, “Plastic surgery is how I do that. That’s what makes me happy.”

She also shared that she doesn’t care if people criticize her or don’t like the way she looks because she likes the way she looks. She said, “The hate is making me more famous.”

Do you agree with Dr. Nassif that McConachy should not have more surgery but instead should focus on her physical and mental health, or do you agree with McConachy that it’s okay for her to continue to get plastic surgery because it makes her “happy”?