We Didn’t Know Why She Was Crying During Her Routine, Then She Ran Away From Her Team

Military Homecomings

Military families really sacrifice a lot. We’re not just talking about the sacrifices from the person serving in the military, but we’re also talking about the sacrifices that person’s spouse and children make.

When it’s time for someone in the military to be deployed, it doesn’t matter if he or she will be gone over birthdays, anniversaries, holidays or other special events. Some military members miss the birth of their own children. They miss milestone moments in their children’s lives. Yet, they continue to bravely serve and fight for our country.

There’s nothing sweeter than a reunion when someone you love hasn’t been home for a long time. It’s especially sweet when that reunion is a complete surprise. We’ve seen multiple surprise reunions when military members return home, but the one we’re about to show you is especially sweet.

One little 7-year-old girl was performing a cheerleading routine during a football halftime show. She had just completed her routine and was proud of her performance when something completely unexpected happened. She heard her dad’s name mentioned on the loud speaker. Then she saw her dad in his uniform standing at one end of the football field. She also saw her mom standing nearby.

The little girl was overwhelmed with emotions, and she didn’t quite know what to do. She ran to her mom who pointed to her dad, and then she ran to her dad. It was a super sweet and moving reunion.

Watch the video below to see this little girl’s reaction when she realized her dad was home and to hear what made coming home especially sweet for her dad.

Do you know anyone who is in the military? If so, did they ever surprise their friends or family members when they returned home? How did they react?