She Had Surgery To “Save The Planet” And Now She Wants You To Get the Same Surgery

When Gwynn Mackellen was a little girl, she and her sister used to dream that one day they would each have two children and be next door neighbors. Over the years, her dream changed. Now, she feels that childhood dream was due to “what we saw around us” rather than something she ever really wanted for herself.

It wasn’t until she was in her 20s that she decided to prevent her childhood dream of having two children from ever happening. She actually took action to make sure it would be impossible for her to conceive and give birth to a child. When she was 31 years old, she went on This Morning to explain why she decided to get sterilized.

First, Mackellen explained to This Morning hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield how she went from deciding not to have children to actually getting sterilized. She said, “I had asked every partner of mine to get a vasectomy, and none of them would do it.” It was her current partner who suggested that she get sterilized.

She decided to seriously look into getting sterilized. While she found a little pushback from doctors due to her young age, she had more trouble finding a doctor who would take her insurance. Eventually, she found a doctor who both took her insurance and supported her decision.

Then, Mackellen, who lives in San Francisco, explained why it was so important to her to get sterilized. It’s not because she doesn’t like children. It’s because she feels that not having children is an important way to save the planet. She went on to quote facts about studies that claim not having children has a better positive impact on the planet than recycling, becoming a vegetarian, or choosing to walk instead of drive a car.

Willoughby and Schofield seemed a little baffled about Mackellen’s decision, but that didn’t seem to make Mackellen question her decision. Instead, she explained that fostering or adopting children are still options, but she believes that it is important not to add to the population. She said, “I would feel bad bringing another person into the world.”

Watch Mackellen’s full interview below to understand why she believes getting sterilized was a smart decision.

Do you think Mackellen’s on to something, or do you feel somewhat baffled by her decision like the hosts on the show?