Sharon Stone Reveals Sad News

arp via Deposit Photos

Sharon Stone is naming names and revealing a painful truth about earlier days in her acting career. PEOPLE reports that she once mentioned the situation in her memoir “The Beauty of Living Twice,” but she didn’t name names. Now, she is.

In the 2021 memoir, Stone shared that a producer once suggested she have sex with a costar in order to improve the on-screen chemistry. At the time, she didn’t share the name of the producer or the name of the costar.

During a recent episode of the Spotify podcast “The Louis Theroux Podcast,” Stone shared that the situation she mentioned in her memoir happened during the filming of the 1993 thriller “Silver.” Stone was playing opposite actor Billy Baldwin.

According to Stone, Robert Evans, the film’s executive producer, pulled her away from set to talk to her about Baldwin’s lack of on-screen chemistry with her in the film. He also shared a suggestion that he thought would improve Baldwin’s performance in the film and; therefore, “save” the film itself.

What was the suggestion? He told her to have sex with Baldwin.

Stone explained that Evans was “running around his office in his sunglasses, explaining to me that he slept with Ava Gardner and I should sleep with Billy Baldwin, because if I slept with Billy Baldwin, Billy Baldwin’s performance would get better, and we needed Billy to get better in the movie, because that was the problem.”

Although Stone didn’t agree with Evans’ suggestion, she understood his logic. She shared, “If I could sleep with Billy, then we would have chemistry onscreen, and if I would just have sex with him then that would save the movie.”

Because Stone was unwilling to take Evans’ suggestion, he then thought that Stone was the problem instead of Baldwin’s performance being the problem. She said, “The real problem in the movie was me because I was so uptight, and so not like a real actress, who could just f*** him and get things back on track. And the real problem is that I was such a tight ass.”

After hearing Stone’s dirt on the filming of “Silver,” Baldwin shared a long response on X (formerly Twitter). The actor wrote, “I have so much dirt on her it would make her head spin but I’ve kept quiet.” Then he pondered sharing the “dirt” after all. He threatened, “Wonder if I should write a book and tell the many, many disturbing, kinky and unprofessional tales about Sharon? That might be fun.”