Sharon Osbourne Steps Down from ‘The Talk’ Following Misconduct and Racism Allegations

Good Morning America

In case you missed it, the show “The Talk” has been on hiatus for awhile now. Why? The show was under investigation after the last episode aired. If you caught it, you know it was a pretty uncomfortable episode to watch.

Sharon Osbourne is at the center of the controversy. She appeared to make racist comments during the show. She later said that she felt attacked and that she thinks she was setup to look bad on the show.

It all started when Osbourne defended long-time friend Piers Morgan. Morgan said that he doesn’t believe anything Meghan Markle says, which includes her racist claims against the royal family. Morgan chose to leave the TV show he had been co-hosting. Osbourne stood up for Morgan’s freedom of speech, and now she is choosing to leave “The Talk.”

For all the details, about Osbourne’s side of the story and the claims made against her by former colleagues, watch the video below.

Osbourne tweeted the following apology on March 11, 2021.

The comments on Osbourne’s tweet are pretty split. Some fans stood up for her and said she was the reason they watched the show.

Some fans even say they won’t be watching “The Talk” without Osbourne on it.

Others are glad that Osbourne is off the show.

To be clear, the official statement from CBS is that Osbourne “has decided to leave The Talk.” They did not officially fire her.

Do you think Osbourne made the right decision to leave “The Talk”? Do you think she was setup on “The Talk” to look racist? Do you think she really is racist?