Shailene Woodley Opens Up About Aaron Rodgers Split

Actress Shailene Woodley’s didn’t know what it was like to be part of a real celebrity couple until she started dating NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Even though she was already famous in her own right, she didn’t realize how much her life would be scrutinized as part of a famous couple.

Woodley shared that her relationship with Rodgers changed the way she uses social media. She already liked to keep her life fairly private, but after seeing the criticism she would get when posting things after her relationship went public, it really made her shy away from posting anything at all.

Speaking about social media posts, Woodley explained, “It honestly never really hit me that millions of people around the world were actually watching these things and paid attention to them. Then, I dated somebody in America who was very, very famous. It was the first time that I’d had a quote-unquote ‘famous’ relationship, and I watched [the] scrutiny, opinions, the desire for people to know my life and his life and our life. It just felt violating in a way that, before, it was fun. I’m a very private person, and so I found that any time I posted anything, I instantly felt like I was sharing too much of who I am with people I didn’t necessarily trust.”

Woodley and Rodgers are also trying to keep their breakup as private as possible, but Woodley recently opened up about how the split affected her emotionally. She called last winter “the darkest, hardest time in my life.” She added that “it felt like a big pain bubble for eight months.”

Woodley explained that going to work actually helped her get through this hard time. She was in the process of filming a Showtime series called “Three Women,” and her character helped her process her emotions. She explained, “I was so grateful that at least I could go to work and cry and process my emotions through my character.”

Watch the video below for more on Woodley and Rodgers’ split and what Woodley had to say about their breakup.