Sex Reveal Goes Viral After Dad Startles Whole Restaurant With His Response

mckenna.m.hartmann via Instagram

A routine gender reveal took an unexpected turn when Patrick and McKenna Hartmann, already parents to a daughter named Maverick, learned the sex of their second baby. What they thought was going to be a pretty simple reveal turned into a viral moment that surprised everyone.

As parents to a second child, the Hartmanns decided to keep their gender reveal simple—just announcing it at a local restaurant. They went for the classic method of cutting into a cake to reveal pink or blue frosting.

As they cut into the cake, they discovered blue frosting, indicating that they were expecting a boy. Patrick’s reaction was priceless. He erupted into a joyful yell that immediately caught the attention of everyone in the restaurant. He even jumped up and pounded on the table, much to the mortification of McKenna, who tried to contain his excitement.

It’s honestly so adorable—you can tell how much he wanted a boy. Watch the hearwarning and hilarious video below.

Patrick spoke to PEOPLE about the viral moment, explained his enthusiastic reaction, saying, “The reaction just came naturally. I feel like I need a boy to be able to keep up with our little girl Maverick!”

McKenna was just so happy to know that he was going to get his boy after already having a girl. “When we cut into that cake and saw blue, it was such a surreal moment. I was just in pure shock and so incredibly happy at the same time!”

As if this wasn’t enough, there was a hilarious twist that the video didn’t fully capture. “What you can’t see in the video is that when Patrick hits the table, it actually made a wine glass pop up and break at the stem, spilling wine all over my dad!” McKenna said.

The gender reveal was especially surprising because girls ran in both of their families. “We never imagined we’d have a boy with nothing but girls on both sides of our family,” McKenna explained. “I have two sisters, he has three sisters, and our first child is a girl, so we didn’t have high hopes for any boys, to be honest.”

The initial confusion in the restaurant quickly turned into joy and applause once Patrick announced that they were expecting a boy. It was a moment that neither the Hartmanns nor the restaurant patrons will ever forget!

“Going into the gender reveal, I had this little thought in the back of my head that if it somehow was a boy, that it was going to be a disaster because I knew how excited Patrick would be,” McKenna said.

However, the unexpected and enthusiastic reaction became a cherished memory for the couple. Their baby boy is expected to arrive in January.

“I never imagined I’d be a boy mom. The fact that we get to give my sweet daughters a brother is just such a huge blessing,” McKenna said. “She’s a ball of energy, and to give her the gift of growing up with a brother, I think, is so special. We couldn’t be more excited!”

This heartwarming (and amusing) gender reveal serves as a reminder that life’s surprises can bring unexpected joy and laughter to even the most routine moments.

How do you feel about gender reveals? What do you think of this dad’s reaction to his baby boy?