Server Goes On A Rant About Customers Who Don’t Tip Enough: “$10 Is Not Cute Like It Used To Be. It’s Not The 2000s”

Tipping is part of American culture. In the United States, servers at restaurants expect tips, and a large portion of their income comes from tips.

Is this fair? Is this a problem? That’s a different subject. Currently, that’s just the way it is. If you’re going to eat at a restaurant, your server is going to expect a tip.

Commonly, an 18% tip or a 20% tip is considered a good tip. Some people tip more or less. Some people don’t tip at all. Some people tip depending on how their food was and how their service was.

One server ranted on TikTok about “bad” tippers. Basically, he thinks that anyone who tips less than 20% is a bad tipper. He explained that he doesn’t think it’s “cute” to leave a $5 or $10 tip for a $200 bill. He even went above and beyond to tell viewers how to easily calculate a 20% tip.

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Many people did not respond to this server’s post the way he expected. Instead, as one viewer wrote, “we always tip 20 but this video rubbed me the wrong way. It’s what I WANT to give not HAVE to.”

Another person wrote, “I’m so tired of servers being sooooo entitled, INFLATION EFFECTS US ALL.”

Another comment reads, “I tip when the food is good and the service is above and beyond. You aren’t entitled to a 20% tip, if you don’t like it then get another job.”

One person pointed out that serving a “50 plate vs a $8 plate is not more work for you.” The creator of the TikTok responded, “To spend $50 at my place people have to get multiple things = more work.”

Many of the people who commented felt “A tip should be appreciated no matter the amount” and “tipping has gotten out of hand.”

Do you think it’s wrong for a server to expect a 20% tip? Do you think it’d be better if employers just paid servers more instead of forcing servers to rely on tips? How do you usually decide how much to tip?