Oscar Winning Actor Faces More Serious Allegations From 10 Men

s_bukley via Deposit Photos

Actor Kevin Spacey is going to be featuring in a new docuseries set to be released in the UK on May 6th and 7th, 2024 on Channel 4; however, the actor is very unhappy about this new docuseries since it paints him as a “soulless monster.”

The docuseries is called “Spacey Unmasked,” and in the series 10 men accuse Spacey of alleged sexual misconduct. According to The Hollywood Reporter, one of those men, an actor named Daniel, said of Spacey, “I felt like I was staring at a soulless monster.”

In July 2023, Spacey faced sexual assault charges in London, but he was acquitted. The men who are speaking out in the docuseries were not involved in the trial, and this is the first time that 9 of the 10 men have ever told their story.

The men featured in the docuseries are only identified by their first names, and the accusations span 5 decades, starting when Spacey was a teenager in high school.

Multiple men claim that they were starstruck by Spacey and thought that maybe he could help them with their careers. Unfortunately, they claim that they discovered he would only help them in exchange for “sexual favors.”

A man named Scott claimed, “If you don’t pay the toll in sexual favors, you’ll have a decent career, but you won’t see your name in lights.”

Another man named Jesse shared, “Everybody knows: if you don’t want to go home with Kevin, don’t be the last guy in the bar with him.”

Ahead of the docuseries’ release date, Spacey turned to X (formerly Twitter) to deny the allegations the men make in the series. He wrote, “I will not sit back and be attacked by a dying network’s one-sided ‘documentary’ about me in their desperate attempt for ratings.” He continued, “There’s a proper channel to handle allegations against me and it’s not Channel 4.”

While the docuseries is set to air in the UK on May 6th and 7th, a release date on MAX in the US has yet to be announced. Watch the video below to learn more about the upcoming docuseries and Spacey’s thoughts about the series.