Self-Love Activist Responds To Comments On Her Relationship

Loving yourself exactly the way you are and allowing yourself to be loved exactly the way that you are is some really difficult stuff, especially in today’s world of social media body-shaming, Instagram filters, and a return to the impossible beauty standards of the early 2000s.

That’s why the work that self-love activists do is so, so important. By loving themselves unconditionally and exactly as they are, the encourage others and indeed give others the permission they need to love themselves, too.

But, perhaps unsurprisingly, they still have their fair share of haters. After posting pictures and videos with her husband, one TikToker was flooded with comments about her body and her worth in her relationship because her husband is thinner than she is.

And she’s not standing for that kind of bullying.



Everything she has to say is perfect, but here’s what stuck with me:”Help the younger generation not learn it so that they don’t have to unlearn it.”

Yes! This! 100%! Thank you! Let’s not teach our kids that their worth is tied up with their body shape, size, or anything else. Bless!


Did anything she said stick out to you? Have you experienced this kind of body-shaming from others? what did you do in response?