Woman Is Ready for a Makeover Transformation After Losing 43 Pounds

We’ve all done it at least once in our lives — cut our own hair. Whether you were low on money or just looking to experiment, there’s a good chance that you have experience in taking those scissors into your own hands. And that doesn’t end well for everyone.

One such person is Diane, an Iowa native who is feeling a little frumpy with her self-cut bangs. To make matters more complicated, Diane just lost over 40 pounds, leaving her feeling unattractive in baggy clothes and an outdated haircut. So to commemorate her huge personal weight loss goal, Diane decided to treat herself to a transformation at the hands of the Makeover Guy.

When the day of her makeover came, a blizzard hit the Iowa area. Regardless, Diane drove through the treacherous snow and got to the salon for her special day. She was not going to let anything get in between her and her new look!

At first, Chris the Makeover Guy was a little hesitant; he wasn’t quite sure what he was going to do with Diane’s extremely long hair and her choppy, self-cut bangs. But after chatting with the woman of the hour and consulting his team, he was ready to make some makeover magic.

Stylist Trish brightened Diane’s naturally blonde hair (with gray) with a full color and highlights. The ashy blonde looks natural while still looking “sassy”, as Diane requested. Chris then created a stacked and slightly inverted bob with creative layering to balance a small head, removing bulk where it was needed. He clipped the hair and put her under the dryer then used a curling iron to polish her amazing waves.

With her hair looking fabulous, modern, yet classic, Diane went in for the last stage of the makeover: her makeup. Makeup artist Cheryl did some great coverage makeup that still looked natural, and finished Diane’s amazing new look.

No word of lie, her “after” look made our jaws DROP. Her outdated, long, frumpy hair was replaced with an extremely trendy bob that she absolutely rocked. The color (which was again, ashy grey) looks natural while still looking young and fresh, and the body in her waves is every bit as sassy as we bet she was hoping. What’s more, this is an easy look for her to replicate every morning! Now she can enjoy her incredible weight loss with an entirely fresh look from head-to-toe, and she can enjoy it every day with this simple style.

Best of all, Diane looks incredibly happy! Post-makeover, she is glowing with a happy youthfulness that we just didn’t see in her before. It’s really incredible what a new look can do to bring out the sunniest side of your personality.

What did you think of Diane’s before and after? Did her incredible transformation take you aback like it did for us? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.