Once You See Cookie Monster in This Picture, You Can’t Unsee Him

@markysumm via Twitter

You know us—we love a good optical illusion. Lately, we’ve been all about the works of Gergely Dudás (aka “Dudolf”), most famous for his seek-and-find picture games, where he illustrates a bunch of a similar object with one nearly similar object weaved in that you need to find.

But if you’ve already found the tiny snowman in this wintry puzzle, the polar bear among the ghosts, or the mouse among the squirrels, then we have a new one to up the ante.

It’s thanks to a man named Mark Summers who tweeted a Christian photo with the caption, “Once you see Cookie Monster, you can’t unsee it.”

At first glance, you probably raised an eyebrow wondering what this weirdo was talking about. A Sesame Street character among a religious image? Is this guy okay?

But then—you spot the googly eyes. And you spot the puppet-esque mouth. And you can’t stop laughing. At least that’s how it went for us and the 180,000+ people who liked the photo.

“I couldn’t spot him at first but when I did I laughed out loud. Thank you I love it,” someone replied.

“’And in the end he comes for us all.’ ‘Who is he, mother?’ ‘He is the blue beast. He is… Cookie Monster,’” someone else joked.

“I came back to this 24 hours later. And the first thing I see, Cookie himself,” another added.

See for yourself in the image below—can you spot Cookie Monster? And if so, can you unsee him? (We can’t!)

A few others noticed other hidden objects in this strange photo, including a toilet seat and a half-eaten cookie in one of the woman’s hands. What hidden objects do you see in this photo?