Schools Are Changing The ‘ABC Song’ And Parents Are Outraged

@JesssFam via TikTok

Remember back in 2020 when Covid-19 was still called the novel coronavirus and kids were stuck at home doing school via Zoom? Yeah, we’ve tried to block those days out too. It was painful. We never appreciated the hard work our teachers do so much.

In those dark days, one mom of seven shared some educational news she learned that shocked her and her followers. It was too disturbing for us to share at the time because Zoom school was hard enough to deal with, but now, we think you need to know.

Here’s the news. That’s an alternate “new” version of the alphabet song. Remember the ABC song that we all learned as kids? It’s possible that your children are learning a different song in school. While it starts out the same way as the song you’re probably singing in your head right about now, it changes quite drastically in the middle through the end.

Watch the video below to hear that new version of the ABC song for yourself.

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Why would you change a song that we all learned in school after all these years? Many people who have watched this video have asked just that. For example, one comment reads, “DUDE is nothing sacred anymore?!?? it’s just unconstitutional and un-American, what would Mr. Rogers and BigBird say? what’s next new Numbers?”

Another viewer commented, “Yeah I’m never telling my kids that. If they EVER sing it that way I’m calling the teacher and having a VERY long talk with them :)”

One viewer pointed out the reasoning behind the new version of the ABC song. This viewer explained, “It’s so kids don’t say L-M-N-O “ellemeno” but that’s how we’ve ALL said it.” 

In response to that comment, many viewers claimed that “ellemeno” is a letter and needs to stay part of the ABC song forever. One comment reads, “i try to say ut then realize i don’t know the alphabet WE NEED ELEMENO.”

Another person commented, “but that was the best part lmnop.”

Personal opinion: a new alphabet song is the worst thing to happen to parents since new math.

What do you think of this new alphabet song? Do you think the old way is better? Do you plan on learning the new version of the song?