Parents Surprised by School Bus Driver’s Note

AllaSerebrina via Deposit Photos

When children are old enough to go to elementary school, it can sometimes be difficult for parents. Sending your children to school means that they’re not so little any more. It also means that while they’re at school, parents can’t protect their children like they would at home, and sometimes that might make parents nervous, wondering how their children are doing at school.

Cindy Clausen has been driving a school bus in Princeton, New Jersey, for the past 23 years. She’s now 60 years old and has two adult children and four grandchildren, but she also considers the kids on the bus “her kids.” She told TODAY Parents, “I see the moms and dads so concerned when they put their kids on the bus, probably wondering, ‘Are they OK? Is it going to be a good day?'” Clausen wants to do her part to reassure the parents so she tries to “let them know that we all care and their child is in good hands.”

One way that Clausen lets parents know their kids are okay is by writing notes to the parents when she sees something worth sharing. This doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s warning the parents that the kids were misbehaving. Sometimes, it’s actually the exact opposite.

One day, Clausen wrote a note to the parents of a brother and sister named Jorge and Annaliese. She wanted to let the parents know that their kids are “beautiful inside and out.” In the letter, she proceeded to explain that they are especially kind and helpful to another child on the bus named Jackson. You can read Clausen’s letter for yourself below.

This letter was posted on the Facebook page Love What Matters where it was shared more than 3,000 times and received more than 45,000 likes in less than a week.

Clausen explained that she wrote the note because the kind actions of the children on her bus “totally warmed my soul and made me feel so proud of all of them!”

This is not the first time Clausen has written a note to parents after seeing exemplary behavior from the students on her bus. She explained, “I do see and experience many acts of kindness with ‘my kids’ on the bus.” She also credits the children’s parents for raising such good children. She said, “The parents are raising amazing children, and we need more news like this spread around the world.”

Have you ever received a note from a school bus driver? Do you think more school bus drivers should write notes to the parents?