15 People Share the Sayings That They’ve Always Hated

Sometimes people say the same silly things over and over again. Maybe they think their favorite saying are funny, but they’re not funny to everyone.

Sometimes a saying that one person finds cute or amusing is annoying to other people. In fact, some Reddit users are venting about sayings they simply can’t stand.

It might be parents, a sibling or a teacher who says this annoying saying. It might be a friend or co-worker. Sometimes it doesn’t even help to let the person know that the saying bothers you. That might just encourage them to say it more often.

Scroll down for 15 interesting answers to the question, “What’s a saying that you’ve always hated?” If one of your favorite phrases is on this list, you might want to consider saying it less often or finding a new saying.

  1. Sleep

    Reddit user hmajestic wrote:

    “You can sleep when you’re dead!” Noooo, I would like to sleep now. If I don’t sleep, I’ll feel like shit! Sleep is important!

  2. Smile

    Shared by euth_gone_wild:

    Turn that frown upside down.

  3. She Uses It as an Excuse

    Shared by Reddit user Zoofyooo:

    “I’m just sayin.”My grandma uses this as an excuse to say literally anything she wants whether she actually means it or not. Grandma: “Your shirt makes you look really fat.” Mom: “That’s really rude.” Grandma: “I’m just sayin!”

  4. No Filter

    Written by Zendomanium:

    “Sorry, I have no filter!”Which means your douchebaggery is ‘honesty’? It’s the worst expression ever.

  5. Negating How You Feel

    decaf_please added:

    “Well, at least your problem isn’t as bad as (usually something about starving African children),” etc.Yes, some people do have it worse but so what? People are allowed to feel pain and saying that doesn’t solve anybody’s problem. While sometimes it makes me feel better when I tell myself this, I would never say this to someone else.

  6. A Saying from Dad

    sasamikowa89 wrote:

    “Do as I say not as I do”My dad said this a lot as i grew up.

  7. Mom’s Favorite Saying

    Written by Funke-munke:

    been there done that- my mom’s favorite when she wants to sound cold and dismissive

  8. Family

    Added by FoeiSika:

    “but they’re your family” stfu that doesn’t mean anything if they’re toxic.

  9. A Prank

    SIRasdf23 finds this phrase annoying:

    “It’s Just a Prank!” I hate people who think this absolves them of any punishment for their shitty behavior because it was “JUST A PRANK LOLOLOLOL!”

  10. This One Is Pretty Common

    ts-customes wrote:

    “Because I said so” okay but please give me at least some reasoning

  11. Marriage

    Shared by rajerk:

    Happy wife happy life

  12. The Saying and the Products

    Added by squishistheword:

    Live, laugh, love. Especially in that mass produced cursivey font, printed on anything and everything.

  13. “Great Minds”

    Written by Spinax22:

    “Great minds think alike.”people always forget the second half of the phrase, “But fools rarely differ.”

  14. “Don’t Cry”

    ImHere4TheShortHaul added:

    “Don’t cry or I’ll give you something to cry about.”

  15. “No Offense”

    Another Reddit user added:

    “No offense…but” C’mon, we both know you’re about to say something upsetting.