Save Money on Indoor Tanning

Next week, indoor tanning is about to get even more expensive. A 10% federal tax on indoor tanning goes into effect starting July 1. Here’s the scoop from Smart Money:

Lawmakers expect the measure, passed as part of the federal health-care reform bill earlier this year, to raise $2.7 billion over the next 10 years. The move comes on the heels of new research linking indoor tanning with melanoma. Last year, the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer listed tanning bed radiation among the worst-known carcinogens (including tobacco and the sun’s ultraviolet rays).

That having been said, I know there are some hardcore indoor tanners out there that will now, more than ever, be looking for ways to save at the tanning salon. While the number one tip from Smart Money is to switch to sunless spray tanning (just as cheap and not included in the new tax), here are some other tips for saving.

  • Check Group-Discount Sites: group buying site, such as Groupon, regularly offer vouchers for tanning salons at discounts of more than 50%. Make sure you sign up for your appointment early when you get one of these vouchers because lots of other people will be in line for their discounted appointment as well.
  • Join a Gym: if you’re an avid tanner who is also looking for a gym membership, many gyms offer free or reduced-priced indoor tanning services. As always, be sure to shop around.
  • Buy a Package: firstly, packages are cheaper than individual sessions. Secondly, you’ll avoid the new tax completely if you go out before July 1st and purchase a package.

My favorite tanning tip? Head to the beach, enjoy a beautiful day in the sun, and get a free tan!

If you’re addicted to the bed (or the spray), be sure to check out Spend Less at Tanning Salons for more great ways to save.