Introducing the World’s Safest Crib Mattress

Parents of infants often spend loads of time staring at their sleeping baby to make sure she’s breathing, safe, and resting comfortably. Your baby’s bedding can make a huge difference in how your little one rests – including the mattress.

When choosing a crib mattress, there are lots of things to put on that checklist: clean, safe, fireproof, waterproof, and comfort. Guess what? There’s a new product out here that meets all those standards and more.

SafeSleep’s Breathe-THRU Mattress is made with breathable material that allows for oxygen to flow through freely while suppressing buildup of carbon dioxide.

That helps your baby to breathe when sleeping on her back or stomach. Now available through a Kickstarter campaign, the SafeSleep mattress comes in a complete set that includes a base and washable topper. No sheets or mattress pads are needed!

Besides being chemical-free and organic, one of the mattress’s best features is its ability to help regulate your baby’s body temperature. Additionally, the SafeSleep mattress has been scientifically tested for safety and efficacy.

The topper is available in a variety of colors and patterns, and the set is designed for children up to 80 pounds. You can order yours through the Kickstarter campaign here or simply make a donation and a mattress set will be provided to someone in need. Click on this video to hear more about this cool product!

What do you think about the SafeSleep? Do you believe it’s a big step for infant sleep needs?

Editor’s Note

As this article and video were going to publish, TipHero became aware of previous problems with Secure Beginnings, the former distributor of the SafeSleep BreatheTHRU Crib Mattress. After an investigation and speaking with new parent company and distributor SafeSleep, we have concluded that the current staff and production have made all necessary changes to guarantee the satisfaction of customers and Kickstarter donors.

A statement on the changes to Secure Beginnings can be found here, part of which states:

Due to irreconcilable differences between the managing partners, Secure Beginnings has closed its doors. The decision to close and re-organize reflects differences in the partners’ views on ship times, pricing and customer service and does not reflect on product safety or reliability [. . .]
n order to continue our mission of providing all infants with a safe sleep experience, two of the three original partners are opening a new company called SafeSleep. The new company will focus on customer requested improvements including quick ship times, lower prices, and superior customer service while maintaining great products.
We will continue to educate parents and caretakers on new developments pertaining to safe sleep guidelines and SIDS/SUID research.

SafeSleep also told TipHero:

It was a very trying time for [SafeSleep founder] Julie because she offers the most amazing customer support and will bend over backwards for any person to help them. But she got through it and the great part of all this is that SafeSleep is a strong, well-respected company (over 100k Facebook fans) and the new mattress is beautiful and affordable. That was another difference they had (Julie and business partner). He wanted to sell for $400 and Julie wanted to sell for $299. The new mattress is priced at $299 after Kickstarter to appeal to more families. Kickstarter price is $219.

For more information, on SafeSleep, visit their website here.