Sad Soap Opera Star News

Actress Haley Pullos plays Molly Lansing-Davis on the soap opera “General Hospital.” In May 2023, Pullos informed Soap Opera Digest that she was taking a temporary break from the show while she recovered from injuries due to a car crash. She explained, “Unfortunately, I was involved in an automobile accident and I’m doing okay, but I am going to need a little time to recover. I will be back as soon as possible!”

She left out one important tidbit – the car crash was her fault.

On April 29, 2023, the Pasadena Fire Department reported that there was a head-on collision near a freeway exit. The drivers of both vehicles involved were transported to the hospital, and the fire department stated, “Cause is unknown but always a reminder to stay within the speed limit, avoid drinking and driving and never be distracted by passengers, phones, etc.”

Now we know the cause. According to documents obtained by TMZ, the driver of the car going the wrong direction was Pullos, and she was drunk.

It might be easy to think that the head on collision happened because, perhaps, Pullos entered the freeway on the exit ramp instead of the entrance ramp, but that’s not the case. What actually happened is that Pullos swerved while she was driving, and she swerved so severely that her car jump over the barrier in the middle of the highway and landed her facing on-coming traffic. The other driver’s car was going about 60 mph when the head-on collision happened.

Fire fighters helped free Pullos from her car, but she didn’t react with any sort of thankfulness for their assistance. Instead, she screamed at them angrily because they caused damage to the shirt she was wearing. Police searched her car and found tequila and weed edibles.

Police claim it was clear that Pullos was driving while intoxicated. Her speech was slurred, her eyes were watery and her breath smelled like alcohol. Before she was able to leave the hospital, the police arrested her and charged her with a felony DUI. Pullos responded in anger, getting aggressive with the hospital staff who eventually sedated her.

Thankfully, the driver of the other car survived the crash.

According to the police, this wasn’t the first car accident Pullos was in recently. She was actually involved in a hit and run prior to the head-on collision.