Sad Sex and The City News

If you were a fan of the show “Sex and the City,” you know that the show centered around the lives of four friends living in New York City. The four lead characters were Samantha Jones, who was played by Kim Cattrall, Miranda Hobbes, who was played by Cynthia Nixon, Charlotte York, who was played by Kristin Davis, and the main character of the show, Carrie Bradshaw, who was played by Sarah Jessica Parker.

Now, there is a spin-off of the series called “And Just Like That” which features three of the four main characters. Producers had to figure out how to work around the fact that actress Cattrall clearly did not want to be part of the show. Meanwhile, Nixon, York and Parker happily returned to reprise their roles from the original series.

In interviews, Cattrall has made it clear that she does not want to be a part of any series or movie where she would reprise her role as Samantha Jones. Yet, somewhere along the way, she must have changed her mind. Cattrall recently filmed a cliff-hanger episode of “And Just Like That.”

Nixon spoke to several publications about Cattrall’s surprising return to her role on the series. She told the New York Post that Cattrall’s return to the show is “not something that we speak about.” 

Reportedly, Cattrall’s return to the show and her famous character were very secretive and shocked many people on set. A source explained to the New York Post, “She said she’d never do it! She said she’d never come back!”

Cattrall’s scenes were reportedly filmed in March 2023 in a parking garage near Silvercup Studios. She reportedly arrived to set in an SUV with dark windows so she couldn’t be seen from outside. 

According to a source who spoke to Page Six, Cattrall had two requirements before she would agree to reprise her role, and they were big ones. First, she refused to film with Nixon, Davis or Parker. In addition, she refused to film if showrunner Michael Patrick King were no set. Her demands were met, and she didn’t even speak to any of her former co-stars.

Does it surprise you that Cattrall agreed to reprise her as Samantha Jones? Do you think she will end up returning for more episodes of “And Just Like That”?