Sad Sam Neill News Revealed by The Jurassic Park Actor

Actor Sam Neill, who is best known for his role as Alan Grant in the “Jurassic Park” films, wrote a memoir titled “Did I Ever Tell You This?” In the memoir, he talks about his diagnosis with stage 3 blood cancer.

In response to the headlines mentioning his cancer diagnosis, Neill posted a video on Instagram talking more about why he wrote the memoir and how he is doing health wise.

According to Neill, he’s “fine.” He explained, “I have been in remission for eight months , which feels really good. And I’m alive and kicking and I’m going to work.”

Neill is annoyed about all of the headlines talking about the fact that he was diagnosed with cancer. He wishes the headlines were more about his memoir.

Neill explained that he wrote the memoir because was couldn’t go to work as an actor while he was receiving treatments for cancer, and he simply “needed something to do.” He said, “I am used to going to work and I suddenly couldn’t go to work.” He added, “I didn’t really mean to write a book.”

He also explained that the only reason the book talks about cancer is because he was writing it while undergoing cancer treatments. He explained that his memoir “does mention cancer because that’s the sort of context in which I wrote it.”

Neill explained that he also wrote the memoir, not only because it kept him busy but also because he wanted to express how grateful he is for his acting career. He said, “I never thought that I would have a career as an actor, let alone an actor on screen. But that’s kind of what happened and I am full of gratitude looking back on this life, and that’s what the book is about.”


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It seems that Neill’s Instagram video was, more than anything, to tell fans that he doesn’t want them to worry about him. He said that he is “fine” and is “happy to be going back to work.” He explained that in just seven days he will start filming a project called “Apples Never Fall” with a cast that also includes actress Annette Bening.