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In a rare mix-up at the 2024 Golden Globes, Robert De Niro experienced an unexpected moment of anticipation and disappointment when he thought his name was called as the winner of the Best Supporting Actor award. The confusion arose when Angela Bassett, last year’s winner for Best Supporting Actress, announced the victor, causing De Niro’s ears to perk up at the sound of his first name.

However, the joy was short-lived as it was Robert Downey Jr. who claimed the prestigious award for his compelling portrayal of the nefarious Lewis Strauss in “Oppenheimer.” De Niro, nominated for his role as the equally nefarious William King Hale in “Killers of the Flower Moon,” gracefully took the unexpected turn of events in stride.

This mix-up added a surprising twist to the evening, highlighting the challenges faced by actors with similar names, particularly when both are celebrated for their outstanding performances in highly acclaimed films. De Niro, a two-time Oscar winner and Golden Globe recipient for Best Actor in 1981, showcased his enduring sportsmanship despite the unexpected turn of events.

During the Golden Globes, host Jo Koy injected humor into the night with a daring quip aimed at De Niro. In his monologue, Koy jokingly addressed the actor’s recent fatherhood at the age of 79, saying, “Your last performance has got to be your greatest performance ever. How’d you get her pregnant at 80?” While De Niro, now 80, was actually 79 at the time of his seventh child’s birth, the joke added an amusing touch to the evening.

Despite the mix-up and the playful jabs, De Niro seemed to enjoy the ceremony along with the rest of the crowd. His nomination for “Killers of the Flower Moon” attests to his continued dedication to delivering compelling performances in his illustrious career.

Meanwhile, Robert Downey Jr. accepted his third Golden Globe with characteristic wit and humility. Calling the billion-dollar success of “Oppenheimer” a “goddamn masterpiece,” he lightened the mood by joking about taking a beta blocker for a stress-free speech. Downey also acknowledged the unique challenge of portraying an “unrecognizably subtle Lewis Strauss” and playfully urged his fellow nominees not to consider it a compliment.

Check out the lighthearted moment below, as well as hear Robert Downey Jr.’s acceptance speech in the video below.

What’s your take on award show mix-ups, and do you think such moments add an element of surprise or disappointment to the overall experience?