Sad Mark Walhberg News


From super star pop music icon to respected Oscar nominee Actor, Mark Wahlberg has accomplished a lot. Behind this great man, was a remarkable Mother, the late Alma Wahlberg. She was the mother to 9 children.

Recently, “The Father Stu” star reflected on Alma on the Today show. His Mother passed away in April 2021. She was 78 years old. Mark frequently listens to her voicemails and recordings to keep her memory going.

“She touched everybody that she met,” Mark said to Sheinelle Jones, who interviewed Alma Wahlberg in a 2018 episode of Through Mom’s Eyes.”

“I mean this so sincerely, Mark,” Sheinelle said about the meeting. “She changed my life.” The interview with Alma, which was only supposed to last for 20 to 30 minutes, ended up lasting for hours,” she said.

“For me, she was the true meaning of the word matriarch,” Sheinelle, who is a mother to three kids, said. “She always talked about how you would call her every day. And she would say, “Call your mother — I can’t do her accent,” Sheinelle said.

Wahlberg reminds everyone he knows whose parents are still alive to be in contact every day. Tell them they are loved. Be around them as much as possible.

Years ago Tiphero asked readers what their biggest regrets were. Readers responded by talking about not having their loved ones’ voices recorded. They wanted to hear their parents’ voices.

Also, Tiphero readers suggested to start recording your loved ones more frequently. Some ways to do this is to get an oral history to capture family history or by simply taking more videos. We always take videos of the kids; but, not enough of our parents. Many times we don’t realize this until it’s too late.