Sad Katy Perry News

Singer Katy Perry has been a judge on the reality singing competition show “American Idol” for six years, but reportedly, she wants to leave the show. The problems started in April when she was criticized for mom-shaming contestant Sara Beth Liebe.

Since then, Perry has felt that the show has been edited to make her look like a mean judge. According to a source who spoke to the Daily Mail, Perry feels like she has been “thrown under the bus by producers.” The source added, “She was trying to stay in her lane, do her job and go home.” She is reportedly very “upset” by the “harsh criticism” directed at her by fans of the show.

The source explained that Perry originally agreed to be a judge on the show because she thought “she was going to foster young talent.” She feels that’s not what’s happening. Instead, she feels like she is being portrayed as the “nasty judge.” The source explained, “For her good intentions to be misinterpreted it was not what she wanted.”

One big reason Perry is considering leaving the show is because of her “legacy.” She is a star in her own right and doesn’t want to go down in history as the mean judge on a reality show instead of being remembered for her own music. According to the source, Perry “does not want her career defined by a talent competition show where she isn’t even performing.”

During the season finale of the show, Perry gave a little bit of insight into her thinking. She shared, “This is not a karaoke show, it’s not a show about the judges. We are one little part in it, but this is ultimately about peoples’ stories and sounds and voices that need to be heard.”

The source added that Perry has “wanted out for some time now, but this season was way too much for her to handle.” If she walks away from the show, she will also walk away from the $25 million she reportedly gets as a judge each season.

While Perry’s focus doesn’t seem to be as a reality TV judge, she is focusing more on her residency in Las Vegas. She recently increased the number of shows she’s performing.

Do you think Perry has been targeted by the show’s producers to be the “nasty judge”? Would you walk away from “American Idol” if you were Perry?