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Life doesn’t always go as expected, and the holiday season is no exception. Mother nature, health conditions and unexpected events can derail even the most anticipated parties, travel plans, and last minute shopping trips.

Joanna Gaines wasn’t expecting to spend the days leading up to Christmas laying around resting, but that’s exactly what she’s doing. While she partly considers it “inconvenient” timing, she is also learning to embrace the force break from holiday busyness.

In an honest Instagram post, Gaines shared picture of how her holidays are looking right now. In the first picture, she is in a hospital bed giving a peace sign. In the next picture, she is sitting on the couch at home with her youngest child, 4-year-old Crew. In the last picture, it’s simply her view of her living room and Christmas tree while she reclines under a blanket with her feet up on the couch.


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In the post, Gaines explained why she was in the hospital. She wrote, “I hurt my back in high school from cheerleading- basically a basket toss turned back injury and I’ve been dealing with it ever since.” She explained that she had to have a microdisectomy two weeks ago.

This isn’t the first time Gaines’ back has required surgery. She had her first microdisectomy back in 2001 when she had just started dating Chip Gaines. In fact, she ended up having to cancel their second date because of it.

At first, when Gaines realizes she was having back pain that would require a surgery, she was “a bit stressed” because it was so close to the holidays. However, she has since learned to enjoy the “gift” of rest. She wrote, “I’m truly grateful for the forced rest during the busiest time of the year. It has been a gift to simply stay put, stare at the wonder all around, and just be still.”

She ended her post by wishing her followers “a beautiful Christmas week,” and encouraging them to “find the beauty and embrace the wonder of the here and now” even when things don’t go as planned.