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Marijuana, it’s legal in some places but not everywhere. It’s legal in some places only if you have a medical reason to have it. Sometimes that excuse flies in other places but not always. Model Gigi Hadid is finding this out the hard way.

According to a representative for Hadid who spoke to E! News, Hadid has a medical license allowing her to legally purchase marijuana in New York. The rep also claims Hadid did legally purchase marijuana there.

The problem is that Hadid traveled to Grand Cayman last week with one of her friends for a girls trip. They arrived in a private plane, and since the private plane was in Hadid’s name, everything they traveled with was considered her responsibility whether or not it was something found in her luggage or her friend’s luggage.

Hadid and her friend went through customs, and marijuana was discovered in the luggage as well as paraphernalia to smoke the weed. According to TMZ, the cannibis was actually in her friend’s luggage, but either way, according to Hadid’s rep, marijuana has “been legal for medical use in Grand Cayman since 2017.”

You’d think there wouldn’t be a problem then, but there was. At the airport, Hadid and her friend were arrested for “suspicion Importation of Ganja and Importation of Utensils used for the consumption of ganja.” According to a source who spoke to TMZ, officials in Grand Cayman wanted Hadid to pay them off, but she chose to get arrested instead. Grand Cayman police later denied the accusation that they were looking for a bribe. 


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Hadid and her friend were taken to the Royal Cayman Islands Detention Center. They were later released on bail. According to Hadid’s rep, the marijuana was purchased legally and is legal in Grand Cayman for medical reasons; however, two days later, on July 12, Hadid and her friend went to court where they pled guilty and were fined $1000.

According to Hadid’s rep, she didn’t let the arrest spoil her vacation. Her rep said, “Her record remains clear and she enjoyed the rest of her time on the island.” 

Learn more about Hadid’s arrest and trip to Grand Cayman in the video below.

Why do you think Hadid was fined if Hadid’s rep is correct that marijuana has been legal for medical use in Grand Cayman since 2017? Do you believe Hadid that the police in Grand Cayman wanted her to bribe them to get out of being arrested?