Sad Frank Ocean News

Last weekend, Frank Ocean fans flocked to Coachella for the first weekend of the music festival. Ocean was headlining the last day of the weekend’s festival, but it didn’t go as planned.

Ocean’s performance didn’t start until an hour after he was scheduled to go on stage. Reportedly, the delay was due to a frantic last-minute change to the stage setup.

Due to the delay, Ocean also wasn’t able to finish his set, and he abruptly ended the show because it was past curfew. His performance was supposed to be livestreamed, but that didn’t happen either.

Many fans were left wondering what exactly happened.

During their “Empty Netters” podcast on Tuesday, former hockey players Dan and Chris Powers explained what happened behind the scenes. It turns out that Ocean had planned an elaborate stage setup that included an elevated ice skating rink with 120 Olympic figure skaters and hockey skaters, including Dan and Chris, on stage during his performance.

The skaters had been rehearsing with Ocean for about a month before the performance. Then, just days before the performance, the figure skaters were told they were cut from the show. Meanwhile, the hockey players were told they could now walk on stage but not skate. Dan and Chris turned down the walking gig.

The stage was reworked at the last minute so that it would no longer be a skating rink. Why the major changes? It turns out that Ocean suffered from an injury that impacted his ankle. He was determined to perform anyway, but the injury made him change his mind about the stage setup and caused his performance to start late.

Ocean was scheduled to perform again this coming weekend, but that plan has changed too. Ocean’s representatives told Billboard, “On doctor’s advice, Frank is not able to perform weekend 2 due to two fractures and a sprain in his left leg.”

Well, if you were hoping to hear Ocean perform “Thinkin Bout You” at Coachella, you’re out of luck, but no worries, you can watch the video below instead.

Are you a Frank Ocean fan? Does it surprise you that he insisted on reworking the stage setup so he could still perform? Do you think he should’ve canceled his performance last weekend due to his injury instead of reworking the stage?