Jimmy Fallon Asks People To Ruin Movies With One Word And People Delivered

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

If you’re a fan of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, you know that he likes to do hashtag challenges. This is where he comes up with a funny hashtag and a certain type of post that’s supposed to go along with the hashtag. He asks viewers to post their answers on Twitter.

One example of a Jimmy Fallon hashtag challenge is the #ThereShouldBeALaw challenge. For this challenge, he asked viewers to come up with unique laws that they wish really were laws. Some of them were hilarious, but others would actually be really good ideas.

Fallon is at it again with a new hashtag challenge. This time the challenge is #RuinAMovieWithOneWord. For this challenge, viewers needed to add one word to a movie title that would completely ruin the real movie. For example, the plot would be completely different, the movie wouldn’t make sense, or it wouldn’t be something anyone would want to see.

Viewers definitely delivered!

Watch the video below to see some of Fallon’s favorite #RuinAMovieWithOneWord responses. We almost cried we were laughing so hard at the second to last answer. Hint: It was only one word.

It’s hilarious how easy it is to completely change what a movie would be about just by changing or adding one word to the movie title. Fallon is so right that these would be completely different movies, and they definitely wouldn’t be movies anyone would want to see.

The responses in the video above may be Fallon’s favorites, but there are many more #RuinAMovieWithOneWord responses on Twitter. We found a few more gems that we want to share with you, because they are just too funny not to share.

We assume he wouldn’t really see dead people if it’s all “non-sense.”

A movie about tuna would definitely be something we haven’t seen before. Perhaps it would be a documentary? It definitely wouldn’t be an action movie.

This next person went above and beyond. He was on a roll ruining movies one right after another just by adding or changing one word.

Can you ruin a movie with one word? We’d love to hear it!

What’s your favorite hashtag challenge?