Rude Corvette Driver Learns A Harsh Lesson After Not Letting A Pickup Truck Merge

The Sun

Remember when you were a teenager and were eagerly looking forward to learning to drive? It seemed like having a drivers license would equal freedom. You would be able to get from point A to point B without relying on your parents.

Then, you get that license. You find yourself driving, and you start to get disillusioned by how amazing it is to drive. Why? Other drivers.

Traffic is never fun. Dealing with drivers who may not be following the traffic rules is also never fun. Dealing with drivers who are rude when you’re just trying to get where you’re going is also never fun.

Here’s a situation of who was the rudest. One driver captured on camera a situation they saw play out while sitting in bumper to bumper traffic. The situation was between a pickup truck and a Corvette.

It all started when the pickup truck wanted to merge into another lane. The truck was trying to merge in front of the Corvette, but instead of letting the pickup truck merge, the Corvette flipped him off. Seconds later, black smoke emerged from the back of the pickup truck enveloping the Corvette. As one person who watched the video wrote, “It went from ‘foot in mouth’ to ‘soot in mouth’ in just seconds.”

Another viewer commented, “Looks like he smoked him for not letting him merge. Which is hilarious.”

Watch this interaction between the pickup truck and Corvette in the video below.

After seeing this video, several people commented that they have experienced a similar situation. One viewer commented, “I had a similar situation once, I was a trucker and having problems with a ‘convertible,’ they were harassing me, it was raining and there was I big puddle, the had its roof open, forgot about the big puddle and ended up taking a bath, they didn’t even get a chance to put the roof over.”

Another viewer wrote, “Back in the day I had a little 70s model Toyota and one of the washer fluid nozzles was messed up and would shoot the cleaner clear over the car. Came in handy for tailgaters….”

Who do you think was ruder, the pickup truck or the Corvette?