23 Rooms That We’re Dreaming Of While We’re Stuck at Home


If there’s one thing the pandemic and resulting extra time at home has made clear, it’s what we like and what we dislike about where we live. A real estate agent friend even told us that when showing clients houses, she asks, “Could you see yourself quarantining here?”

Our home is fine. It’s great. We really are happy here, and like most people, we have spent much more time at home this year than we ever have before.

Even though we like where we live, we still can’t help but think about things we would like to change or what we would want our dream home to be like. There’s a subreddit that is making it easy to add to our wish list.

People are sharing pictures of absolutely incredible rooms. They are beyond beautiful. They look so relaxing and inviting. We wish we could combine some of these rooms to make our ideal quarantine house. Scroll down to see some of our favorites.

  1. Cottage on the Point / Paul Bernier Architecte [1500 x 1000] from r/RoomPorn

  2. Staircase wrapped in oak bookshelves in a renovated London house, UK by Platform 5 Architects (Photo: Alan Williams) [1286×1800] from r/RoomPorn

  3. Contemporary Lake House in Oregon with Views of Mount St. Helens [1204 × 1414] from r/RoomPorn

  4. Luxury Conservatory [1224 x 1632] France from r/RoomPorn

  5. Cliff Fong Lake Toxaway Sitting Area, North Carolina [980×662] from r/RoomPorn

  6. Ski chalet dining room with window seats overlooking the mountains, Montana [2250×3000] from r/RoomPorn

  7. Rustic Lakefront House Room with view of Lake Keowee [1500 × 997] from r/RoomPorn

  8. An Amazing Island and Water View – West Vancouver, Canada [2576×1433]. from r/RoomPorn

  9. Attic guest bedroom in a century old Colonial–style building, Mumbai, India [1667×2284] from r/RoomPorn

  10. Living area with concrete flooring and ceiling paneled in reclaimed barn-wood siding, Carmel Valley, California by Studio Schicketanz (Photo: Tim Griffith) [1350×1800] from r/RoomPorn

  11. Bathroom overlooking the greeneries in a residence surrounded by oak trees, Bay Area, California by Walker Warner Architects and Odada (Photo: Matthew Millman) [1000×749] from r/RoomPorn

  12. Lockdown project finally completed: Wine cellar + study [OC] [4032×3034] from r/RoomPorn

  13. Bathroom with skylights and full-height windows opening to the garden, Carmel, California by Studio Schicketanz (Photo: Robert Canfield) [1548×1570] from r/RoomPorn

  14. Open And Green Industrial Loft Render[2143 x 2500] from r/RoomPorn

  15. Penthouse Loft Istanbul [1000 × 667] from r/RoomPorn

  16. A newly renovated apartment in a 1914 Belle Époque building in Antwerp, Belgium [1218 × 1518] from r/RoomPorn

  17. Stunning New York Living Room [2008 x 2008] from r/RoomPorn

  18. Villa Mana Indoor/Outdoor Bathroom [911 x 683] Bali from r/RoomPorn

  19. Open Plan Living Avalon Beach, Sydney, Australia [1200 x 900] from r/RoomPorn

  20. Villa Paradiso Thailand [1200 x 675] from r/RoomPorn

  21. Cabin with timber beams and a sitting nook in the town of Copake, Columbia County, New York [1080×1350] from r/RoomPorn

  22. Miami Beach, Florida Penthouse with Incredible View [5000×3333][OC] from r/RoomPorn

  23. Loft with double height living space full of books overlooking Montparnasse, Paris, France [2000×1117] from r/RoomPorn