RIP- CNN Journalist Dead

When someone receives a diagnosis that could potentially be fatal, he or she may decide to keep the diagnosis as private as possible, only telling very close friends and family, or the person may decide to share the diagnosis more publicly, wanting to let other people know what’s going on so they can reach out for support, prayer or just to say goodbye before it’s too late.

CNN journalist Drew Griffin had been battling cancer, but he chose to keep the diagnosis private, and he didn’t let it stop him from doing his job. He was reporting for CNN right up until the day he died.

Griffin lost his battle with cancer on Saturday December 17, 2022. He was 60 years old. He was survived by his wife, Margot, his three children, Ele, Miles and Griffin, and two grandchildren.

Griffin grew up in Chicago, and that’s where he got his start in journalism. He ended up moving around working at TV stations in states including Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina and Washington, before ending up at CBS 2 News in Los Angeles. From there, he went to CNN and worked for the news network for almost 18 years. He was a senior investigative correspondent, and he was known for his persistence when it came to getting good interviews even when the person he was interviewing didn’t want to answer his tough questions. He was also known for having a very strong work ethic and crafting a good story. Yet, that didn’t stop him from making sure he spent plenty of time with his family.

In a note, CNN CEO Chris Licht called Griffin’s death “a devastating loss to CNN and our entire profession.” He added, “Drew’s work had incredible impact and embodied the mission of this organization in every way.”

Despite the fact that Griffin had won multiple awards including Emmys, Peabodys, and Murrows, “people mattered more to Drew than prizes” according to Licht.

Watch the video below to learn more about Griffin’s life, career and his death.