We Were Today-Years-Old When We Were Shown The Right Way To Use A Strainer

Pasta may be one of the world’s greatest treasures, but actually cooking it? Sure—it doesn’’t require a lot of skill. You just boil some water, put the pasta in and then…strain! That’s right: Strain, AKA the most annoying part of the entire pasta-cooking experience.
The normal method of straining pasta is simply the worst. Not only do you have to angle the insanely hot pot of water over the strainer to dump all of it in, you have to make sure you don’t burn your entire hand off  (or your face, when the steam rises) in the process.

Luckily, there’s been a hack circling TikTok that makes all of us pasta-straining woes disappear and makes us think we were doing it wrong the entire time. The tip is so well received that it got more than 270,000 likes and nearly 25,000 re-shares. And best part of all: It makes straining your pasta so much easier.

When draining pasta, most of us probably set the colander into the sink and then dump the pasta straight into it. You then have to put the pasta back in the bowl and it’s all just a huge hassle. However, in this hack, the pasta never has to leave the pot, and that’s thanks to the way you use your colander.

Instead of setting it in the sink, put the bottom of the colander right onto the pot you used to boil your pasta. You then simply push it against the pot and pour the water out through the holes the opposite way as you’re used to.

Watch below to see what we mean.

@jonathanblogs Did you know about this? I had no idea! #diy ♬ original sound – jonathanblogs

See? So easy! TikTok viewers seem to agree.

“Well this blew my mind 😳,” someone posted.

“I was today years old when i found out 😂😂😂,” someone else responded.

“Ohhhh wow you saved my life😂😂😂,” another user said.

However, some people have questions and concerns that need to be noted:

“What if it doesn’t fit the pot?” someone asked.

“You don’t get all the water out . and u need to rinse the noodles,” someone noted.

“Problem is that pan is hot so that could actually burn your noodles doing it that way,” someone else said.

Okay, so nothing’s perfect. But we’re certainly excited to try this hack! What about you? Do you get annoyed straining your pasta? Do you have any special tips to help? Will you be trying out this viral hack?