Retail Worker Gets Revenge On Customer Who Enters Store Right Before Close, Then Shops For 35 Minutes

If you have ever worked retail, you have probably heard the expression “the customer is always right.” You can probably also agree that customers are not always right.

While we may have retail experience, we are also all customers. We shop for groceries, clothes, household items, etc. When we shop for these things, it would be respectful of us if we played by the rules of the retail establishments that we visit. We do. Not everyone does.

One self-described “petty” retail worker shared one of his biggest pet peeves about customers on TikTok. He knew not everyone would like what he had to say, but he didn’t care. He wanted to share his experience anyone.

It all started when he was working retail and a customer entered the store where he was working just 5 minutes before the store was set to close for the day. He was friendly about it at first; although, he was not happy that a customer was just starting his shopping at closing time.

The retail worker informed the customer in a polite way that the store was going to close in just five minutes. The customer was rude when he responded to the retail worker. To make matters worse, the customer ended up shopping a full 35 minutes after the store was officially closed.

The retail worker came up with a way to get back at the customer without exactly being rude. Watch the video below to find out how the retail worker got revenge on this inconsiderate customer.

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In the comments of this TikTok post, many other retail workers shared similar experiences. One person wrote, “I had a customer pull into the parking lot 1 d*** minute before we closed. It hit the hour and I locked the door before she even parked.”

Another comment reads, “As a retail worker myself, I always told my younger cashiers not to feel bad about locking the doors 2 minutes early if a customer parks.”

Yet another retail worker shared, “I work in retail as well. Last week, a customer demanded that we let her in 15min after closing time. She even called the police!”

What do you think of the way the retail worker in the video got revenge on the customer? Have you ever worked retail? Have you ever entered a store when it was about to close?