People on Twitter Have Mixed Reactions to Guy Requesting His Money Back from His Date When It Didn’t Work Out

alexcolboth via Instagram

While splitting the bill on a date is perfectly normal, most of the time, one of the people decide to front the whole bill. It’s a nice gesture, after all.

But what happens if the relationship doesn’t work out? Is that person just supposed to accept defeat and let all that money from their previous dates go?

Most people would say yes—when you go on a date, you take that risk of the relationship not working out and and may lose that money. Just because the relationship didn’t progress doesn’t automatically mean that you get your money back.

However, some people may believe that if the relationship doesn’t go anywhere, then the person who paid is entitled to their money back—kinda like when you return something at the store. You take it back, and the money goes back, too!

This actually happened in real life. A woman named Alex Colboth ended things with a man she went on three dates with. It just wasn’t working for her. But to her surprise, he asked her to pay her share from the dates that they did go on, since he paid for her.

The man messaged her asking her to share her Venmo information with her because “it’s only fair to ask for equal payment from you from the dates we went on,” he told her.

He then proceed to tell her that $35 would be “more than fair for your food and drinks that I got you during those dates.” He also threw in that he views her as a “fair girl,” and he “hope[s] that you’ll consider reimbursing me.”

Alex shared the text on Twitter—and of course it went viral. But people are torn on whether this notion is fair to ask, or just insane.

Most people said that the man was being unreasonable, but some thought this wasn’t the worst thing to be asking. And many people were curious as to how they managed three dates where half of it only amounted to $35 (that’s the real question here, isn’t it?).

It’s unclear what Alex actually ended up doing. But she captioned the screenshot of the text with “it’s the audacity for me,” so we’re pretty certain she didn’t end up paying him.

What do you think—does this dude deserve a refund? Or should he just suck up the eaten costs? Has this ever happened to you or someone you know?