Couple Shows Off Impressively Renovated Bus While They Live Life on the Road

Some people aspire to be able to afford a huge mansion when they grow up—a home with all the bells and whistles. Maybe there are three garages, a Jacuzzi and cathedral-style ceilings inside decked out with brass chandeliers and gold foil wallpaper.

But other people prefer to be more practical. Remember the “tiny home” trend? Even in as little as 140 square feet, you can still enjoy all the necessities—a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and even sitting space to relax. It’s just that you’re not paying an arm and a leg for a home!

Another way to live practically and save money is to convert something you already own into a home. It sounds crazy, but it’s been done many times over and is always extremely impressive. For example, this person converted a shipping container into a home and this camper became a luxurious house.

Recently, there’s been another couple ditching the big home dream and wanting to live life a bit more minimalistic. They also wanted a way to bring their home with them when they traveled.

So what did they do? They converted a school bus into their home!

Yes, that’s right, a yellow school bus that your kids used to take to school. The ones with black leather seats and windows down every row.

You may be wondering how the heck a school bus can become a home. Well, it’s pretty simple—literally. They shared their bus home on Reddit, and it’s been a big hit.

Once they took all of the seats out, they were left with a long corridor-like shape, which could easily be filled with all of the essentials.

They didn’t touch the driver’s seat, as it serves as a way to bring their home around. But once you walk past that, there’s the kitchen sink and refrigerator (a full-size one!). That’s conveniently located right next to the couch, so you can easily get up while you’re relaxing to grab yourself a snack or drink.

Right next to that is the bathroom. Think of an airplane bathroom. Yeah, that.

Walk past that and you’ve entered the bedroom oasis. Sure, it’s not a king-size bed, but there are lots of cozy pillows to make it really feel homey. They also added lots of plants, wall décor, and baskets throughout the bus home for the same reasons.

Ready for the big reveal? Prepare to be amazed! Check out this video below of one of the owners walking through it as they bring home on the road with them.

Life on a road from r/Thatsactuallyverycool

What do you think of this school bus-turned-home? Would you ever attempt to make a travel tiny home like this? What does your dream home look like?