TikTok Video Calls Out People Who Keep Reminding Rob Irwin That His Dad Is Dead

robertirwinphotograph via Instagram

You probably know who Steve Irwin is—aka the Crocodile Hunter. He was a famous Australian zookeeper who most animal lovers knew and loved. However, he tragically died in 2006 after being pierced in the chest by a stingray barb while filming on the Great Barrier Reef.

Though his death occurred 15 years ago, his son never goes a day without hearing about it. Robert Irwin is now 18 years old and truly takes after his father. Not only does he resemble him in looks, but he’s also a huge animal fan. He’s actually built up quite the following on TikTok with his videos of all things wildlife. v

There’s just one problem: Every time he posts literally anything about animals, his fans like to remind him that his dad is dead and that he died when Rob was at a very young age. Not really the kindest of comments, we think!

Below are just some of the type of comments that Rob gets daily:

“You are so your daddy’s mini me.”

“I miss your dad so much.”

“You remind me of your dad.”

“I hear so much of your dad in your voice.”

“Your dad would be so proud.”

Sure, they’re mostly nice comments— but all they do is reiterate the fact that Rob’s father is long gone.

Some fans have actually noticed how often people call out his late father—and running to his defense was TiKTok user https://www.tiktok.com/@[email protected] Maggie made a video that garnered more than 4 million views for its painful accuracy and hilariousness.

@sa99ymaggie #fyp #robertirwin #steveirwin #steveirwinforever #animals ♬ original sound – Maggie

In the clip, Maggie is on Rob’s site, capturing the fact that he can post a cool animal and be met with “Your dad is dead…and I miss him.”

That video alone received a mass amount of comments from people who were also on the same side—that people really need to stop reminding poor Rob that his dad is dead.

“Facts! Can people just let him live without mentioning his dad every second?” someone posted.

“As amazing as Steve was, stop mentioning that he’s dead. He’s just showing off animals, he doesn’t need the constant reminder,” another said.

“That’s one of the most traumatic things to happen to someone and they just keep reminding him!”

So here’s your PSA: If you’re someone who can’t stop reminding Rob that his dad is dead…cut it out! What are your thoughts on people doing this?