Reese Witherspoon And Her Daughter Look Like Twins (Though They Don’t Think So)

Casey Kennelly

Reese Witherspoon wrote a children’s book. It’s called “Busy Betty,” and it’s based on her own childhood.

Witherspoon sat down with TODAY’s Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager to explain the inspiration for her new book and to talk about what she was like as a child.

It turns out that Witherspoon was far from an angel. She got in trouble, but she didn’t mean to. She had good intentions. She was just really creative and sometimes that caused a mess or damaged property, including school property.

During the conversation with Witherspoon, the topic turned to parenting. Witherspoon has three children. Her youngest is her 10-year-old son Tennessee James Toth. Her middle child is her 18-year-old son Deacon Phillippe. Her oldest is her 23-year-old daughter Ava Phillippe. 

During the interview, Kotb and Hager looked at a few pictures of Witherspoon and her children. When Hager saw a picture of Witherspoon with her daughter, she immediately commented, “Y’all are twins.”

Witherspoon admitted that she doesn’t think her daughter looks that much like her. She responded to Hager’s reaction by saying, “Oh, you think so? She and I don’t see it that much.”

Here are a couple of pictures of Witherspoon and her daughter from Witherspoon’s Instagram. Do you think they look like twins?


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Watch the video below to learn more about Witherspoon’s new book, “Busy Betty,” to hear about the mischief she got into as a child and to hear her own parenting advice.

Do you have a spirited child in your life who would relate to the book “Busy Betty”? Did you ever start a business as a child? Does it surprise you that Witherspoon got into trouble at school when she was younger?