Rebel Wilson Admits To Losing Her Virginity At A Late Age: “I’m Going To Look Like The Biggest Loser”

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Actress Rebel Wilson has a new memoir coming out on April 2, 2024, titled “Rebel Rising.” In the memoir, Wilson opens up about multiple aspects of her life, including her career and her personal life. She even chooses to share a personal detail about her life that some people would choose not to share. That detail is that she didn’t lose her virginity until she was 35 years old.

Ahead of her memoir’s release, Wilson spoke to PEOPLE about the book and why she chose to talk about losing her virginity later in life than many. She shared that the reason she chose to discuss it was because she wanted young people to know “not everybody has to lose their virginity as a teenager.” She added, “People can wait till they’re ready or wait till they’re a bit more mature.”

Wilson considers her experience of waiting until she was older to be a good one and she hopes it’s “a positive message” for others, but she’s also not judging anyone who doesn’t wait that long. She explained, “You obviously don’t have to wait until you’re in your thirties like me, but you shouldn’t feel pressure as a young person.”

Wilson admits to lying about her virginity when she was younger. She said, “There was one vague time, I think I told my best friend, ‘Oh, yeah, I just did it to just get it over with when I was like 23.”

She also admitted that she would “leave the room” in order to avoid talking about losing her virginity. She shared, “Normally I would just leave the room when the conversation was happening, and then the people that said, ‘Oh, at 24, it’s so late.’ And then I’m sitting here thinking, ‘Oh my God, my number’s 35. What the hell? I’m going to look like the biggest loser.'”

Wilson no longer feels like “the biggest loser,” and she doesn’t want others to feel that way either if they end up losing their virginity later in life.

Wilson is currently engaged to her girlfriend Ramona Agruma, and she is the mom to a daughter named Royce Lillian who was born in November 2022.

Watch the video below to learn more about Wilson’s experience with motherhood and her relationship with her girlfriend.

Does it surprise you that Wilson didn’t lose her virginity until she was 35? Do you think her story will help young people feel less pressure to lose their virginity at a young age?