Rebel Wilson Blasts ‘A–hole’ Co-Star, Accuses Him Of ‘Bullying And Gaslighting’

Rebel Wilson, known for her work in “Pitch Perfect,” has ignited a public dispute, accusing Sacha Baron Cohen of misconduct during their 2016 collaboration working on “The Brothers Grimsby.”

Wilson’s recent allegations shed light on a tumultuous behind-the-scenes encounter, raising questions about professionalism in the entertainment industry.

In the memoir excerpt published by People, Wilson recounts the distressing moment when Cohen, during filming, insisted on an additional scene, one that was not in the script. She claims that Cohen asked her to stick her finger up his rear end, and she refused.

Wilson’s accusations gained traction when the Daily Mail released behind-the-scenes footage, purportedly contradicting her claims. However, Wilson denounced the video, asserting that it omitted crucial context, including her initial refusal to comply with Cohen’s request. She condemned the release of the edited footage as “bullying and gaslighting,” emphasizing the need for transparency and accountability in the industry.


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Wilson’s memoir, “Rebel Rising,” provides further insight into her experiences on set. In an excerpt published by People, she recounts feeling “scared” and “disrespected” during filming, alleging that Cohen’s behavior crossed boundaries. “I was now scared… I finally compromised: I slapped him on the (bottom) and improvised a few lines as the character,” she wrote.

In addition to her allegations against Cohen, Wilson shared her experience of feeling “disrespected on set” during her interview with The Sunday Times. She revealed how wardrobe choices made for her character exacerbated her discomfort, further highlighting the challenges faced by women in the industry.

As the controversy between Wilson and Cohen unfolds, it prompts reflection on accountability and respect in the entertainment world. The conflicting accounts and leaked footage underscore the complexities of navigating power dynamics on set. Learn more in the video below.

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