Popular Reality Television Star Dies At 65

The Lone Wolf Randy Martin via Facebook

There are many great reality TV shows. From singing competitions to shows featuring celebrities to home renovation shows, we love them all.

In the world of home renovation, there are a variety of shows where a team of people try their hand at flipping houses. One such show is called “Texas Flip N Move.”

If you have seen “Texas Flip N Move” you may be familiar with Randy Martin who is known as the “Lone Wolf” in the world of home renovation. As the nickname implies, Martin was no stranger to taking on daunting home renovation tasks all on his own.

“Texas Flip N Move” premiered on the DIY network in 2014, and Martin made regular appearances on the show starting the very first season. From 2015-2017, Martin was elevated to a featured cast member on the show.

Even though Martin hasn’t been on “Texas Flip N Move” since 2017, he will always be considered part of the “Texas Flip N Move” family. In fact, Donna Snow and her sister Toni Snow, who together are known on the show as The Snow Sisters, took it upon themselves to break the unfortunate news to the world that Martin has died.

On Facebook, The Snow Sisters shared a video montage of Martin featuring pictures throughout his life. In addition, they shared, “We are broken-hearted to let you know that Randy passed away early this morning. Please pray for his wife and family as they navigate this difficult time. You will be greatly missed.”

The Snow Sisters reposted the same video and announcement on their Facebook page. Both posts received multiple comments from fans expressing their sorrow at Martin’s death. One fan wrote, “He will be greatly missed by so many. We loved watching his talent, skills, laughter & loving personality come to life on Texas Flip N Move. Our family’s thoughts & prayers are with his family.”

Another comment reads, “loved watching him flip those houses! He was a good guy with a good heart. Prayers for your family. RIP Randy.”

Donna Snow told TMZ that Martin died after a battle with cancer. She added that he was at home with his wife, Judy, when he died. She had visited him fairly recently and could tell by his appearance that his health was failing. She described him as looking pretty weak.

Judy Martin also spoke to TMZ and added the detail that her husband had been diagnosed with liver cancer in May 2022. He was 65 years old when he died in August 2022. He leaves behind his wife, children and grandchildren.