Reality Star Has Passed Away At 46

“Ink Master” star and tattoo artist Ryan Hadley has died. He was 46 and died of seminoma cancer that spread to his liver and lungs.

Hadley’s family posted the sad news to Instagram on June 20. The tattoo artist was featured on the show ‘Ink Master’ a reality competition series.


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A post shared by Ryan Hadley (@ryanhadleytattoo)

“Ryan left this world last night surrounded by loved ones. While his life was cut short, in that time he left a legacy behind in both the art and tattoo world. He loved his many fans, his friends and clients, and most of all his children. He’ll be missed and always remembered. A legend forever.”

Hadley announced that he had cancer in December 2023.

He said he had seminoma cancer. This is “A type of cancer that begins in germ cells in males”, according to It is usually testicular cancer.

He shared his experience on Instagram and reported “I’m on a 1 week on and 2 weeks off of chemotherapy. Approximately 122 hrs of poison pumped into my heart to fight off the Seminoma cancer that came from testicular cancer and is a very fast moving cancer cell that seems to make tumors wherever it goes.”


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A post shared by Ryan Hadley (@ryanhadleytattoo)

Then, in April, he made a heartbreaking post on Instagram revealing that the chemotherapy wasn’t a success, and the cancer spread to his liver and lungs.

Ryan’s family created a GoFundMe to help Ryan cover his bills while he was receiving treatment and could not work. He has a family and a tattoo business. In addition, Ryan leaves behind his boys who are under 12 years old. Also, they are seeking donations to help cover end of life expenses.

Rest In Peace