Woman Injured By Razor Blade Found in the Handle of Her Walmart Shopping Cart

Imagine this: you stop in to visit your local Walmart one night. It’s a quick trip; perhaps you need to purchase a last-minute school supply for your kiddo or you are in need of a sweet treat, like an Oreo’s Ultimate Dunking Set. (Yum!)

So, you drive to Walmart, park your car, and head on over to the cart carousel to pick up your shopping buggy. Your hand touches the handle when, all of a sudden, you feel a sharp pain in the palm of your hand. You look down, and you’re graced with a sight that no one wants to see–your hand dripping blood onto the handle. You look closer at the cart and a chill runs down your spine.

The very thing that sliced open your palm is a RAZOR BLADE embedded under the handle of the pushcart.

Sounds like a nightmare, right? Well, this very thing happened to a Connecticut woman by the name of Kelly Boulay. In a Facebook post that has since been removed, she used the social platform to alert the public about the story and to warn others about Walmart’s scary problem.

Although she says that the Walmart associates checked every cart for other dangerous items upon learning of her injury, she still worries about how this could have even happened in the first place. She wrote:

The manager had the employees checking every cart … but it’s just unacceptable that someone would be this much of an [expletive] to do this. It could had been my daughter or someone else’s child!

After the story began to garner a lot of attention, and plenty of national coverage, the East Windsor Walmart released a statement. The spokesperson said:

It’s disturbing that someone would purposely try to injure a customer or associate. We take this matter seriously and have since checked all shopping carts and are currently conducting regular checks.

In an interview for local Connecticut news station ABC 13, East Windsor Police Detective Sargeant Matthew Carl weighed in on the scary situation. “Unfortunately, this is one of those things that somebody could have done maliciously for the only intent of harming another person,” the detective said. 

Although we haven’t heard reports of any other Walmart shopping carts carrying these dangerous objects, this equipment is used by many throughout the day, making it particularly vulnerable to insidious acts.

Ok, we don’t know about you, but we certainly will be making a habit of checking those shopping carts’ handles from now on. You never know if something dangerous might be lurking within them!

To learn more about this story and to see reactions from other Walmart shoppers, be sure to watch the video below. Scary stuff. Stay safe while you are shopping, folks!

We’d love to get your take on this disturbing story out of Connecticut. Are you surprised to hear that someone was hiding razor blades in shopping cart handles? Have you ever encountered anything like this yourself? If so, what happened?