‘GoodFellas’ Actor Ray Liotta Has Died At the Age of 67

NBC News

Actor Ray Liotta may have been best known for his role in “GoodFellas,” but he was a busy actor who starred in multiple films including “Field of Dreams” and “Marriage Story.”

About a week ago, Liotta traveled to the Dominican Republic to start filming a movie called “Dangerous Waters.” His fiancee, Jacy Nittolo, was in the Dominican Republic with him. He went to sleep and didn’t wake up earlier today, Thursday May 26, 2022. He died in his sleep at the age of 67.

Watch the video below for more information on Liotta’s unexpected death.

Actress Lorraine Bracco played Liotta’s wife in “GoodFellas.” When she heard about his death, she shared her feelings on Twitter. She wrote, “I am utterly shattered to hear this terrible news about my Ray. I can be anywhere in the world & people will come up & tell me their favorite movie is GoodFellas. Then they always ask what was the best part of making that movie. My response has always been the same … Ray Liotta.”

Liotta’s full name was Raymond Allen Liotta. He was born in Newark on December 18, 1954. He lived in an orphanage when he was a baby. At six months old, he was adopted by Mary and Alfred Liotta.

Later in life, Liotta was able to learn more about his biological family. In 2014, he told The Hollywood Reporter, “I found my birth mother and found out I have, not an identical twin, but a half-brother, five half-sisters and a full sister that I didn’t know about until 15 years ago.”

As a child, Liotta enjoyed sports. In college, he studied acting. He got his start on the NBC soap opera “Another World.”