When the Roads Were Too Icy for the Ambulance, Firefighters Got Out and Pushed This Patient to Hospital

It has been a really rough winter so far in parts of the country with unusually cold temperatures and lots of snow. There have even been amazing tales of survival, like this cat who was literally frozen but somehow ended up being perfectly fine. And there have been amazing tales of rescue, like this woman who paid for hotel rooms so homeless people could stay warm.

One hazard of winter is when ice forms on the roads. When the roads are icy, we try to stay off them if at all possible, but sometimes it’s just not possible, especially if your job involves driving. That’s the case for everyone involved in this amazing rescue story.

When you’re a bus driver, you drive. That’s what you do. There is no way to work from home when the roads are hazardous. You get in your bus and do your job.

That was the situation in Bridgeton, Maryland. One bus driver was working as usual, but the roads were icy, and the bus literally spun around on the freeway. We can only imagine how scary that must have been.

Firefighters raced to rescue the driver and whoever else might have been on the bus, but remember, the roads were icy. The ambulance didn’t do well on the roads either. They actually lost control of the ambulance at one point, and it slid on the icy roads, hitting a guardrail in the process.

These firefighters did not give up. They still made it to the bus. The only person on board was the bus driver, a woman. They knew they needed to get her to the hospital, which was about a mile away, but the also knew that it wasn’t safe to drive their ambulance on these icy roads.

The firefighters did the only thing they could think to do. They put the driver on a stretcher, covered her to keep her warm and protect her from the sleet that was falling from the sky, and walked to the hospital, pushing the stretcher the whole way.

Talk about dedication to your job! Thankfully these firefighters were quick thinking and determined.

The SSM Health DePaul Hospital posted a picture on Facebook of the firefighters pushing the stretcher down the road.

Shaylor Taetz, one of the firefighters who took part in the amazing rescue, said, “We also had to deal with other people trying to drive around us and traffic going around us.” He also shares that it wasn’t easy pushing the stretcher. It lost traction and wasn’t cooperating with them, but they made it to the hospital anyway. Thankfully, the woman’s injuries were not serious.

Have you ever been in an accident on icy roads?