Why Priscilla Presley And Her Granddaughter Are Not Talking Amid Battle Over Lisa Marie’s Estate

Lisa Marie Presley died in January just two days after attending the Golden Globes award ceremony. In her will, she left everything to her children, but since her oldest daughter, Riley Keough, is the oldest and her younger sisters are still in grade school, for the time, Riley is the one who inherits the estate.

Now, not only are Riley and Lisa Marie’s mother, Priscilla Presley, mourning Lisa Marie’s death, but they are also gearing up for a battle against each other in court. Priscilla is arguing that she used to be on her daughter’s will until a change to the will in 2016 that she believes in “inconsistent.”

According to a source who spoke to Entertainment Tonight, “It has been a very tense and heartbreaking few weeks” for the grandmother and granddaughter who currently aren’t speaking to each other. The source added, “Riley has been mourning the loss of her mother and is heartbroken to have to deal with a trust dispute with a family member. Priscilla is adamant that she has a valid case and that she will prevail in court. Riley and Priscilla aren’t communicating at this time, but have been in communication through lawyers.”

The source described Riley as “heartbroken” and “very stressed.” The source added that Riley believes her mother wouldn’t have wanted this public dispute to happen over her will.

The source also believes that Priscilla is doing what she thinks is the right thing to do. According to the source, “She is convinced that old documents had been forged.”

Watch the video below for more on this battle between grandmother and granddaughter.

Joel Weinshanker, a managing partner at Elvis Presley Enterprises, seems to believe Riley will prevail in the end. On SiriusXM’s Elvis Radio, Weinshanker explained, “It was always Riley and Ben. There was never a question in her mind that they would be the stewards, that they would look at it exactly the way she did. Obviously, when Ben passed, it really sat with Riley.”

Ben Keough was Riley’s brother. He died by suicide in 2020.

Weinshanker also explained that Riley “had always known that one day, she would be in charge.”

Do you believe that Lisa Marie intended to cut her mother out of her will and leave everything to her children, or do you believe Priscilla that the documents were forged and that her daughter didn’t intend to leave her out of the will?